• Large Ceramic Farmhouse Kitchen Sink This large ceramic kitchen sink BMK-001 is welcomed mostly. Made from vitreous china, this farmhouse kitchen sink is oil-resistant and easy to keep clean. The overall size of this kitchen sink is 30"x20"x10". It coordinates well with kitchen fixtures.

  • White Single Bowl Ceramic Kitchen Sink This kitchen apron sink BMK-005 has vertical stripe outside the front. It's a medium kitchen sink with the overall size 24"x18"x10". The white ceramic kitchen sink single bowl is welcomed for its good look and it is available to accommodate all kinds

  • White Ceramic Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Made from high-gloss, stain-resistant Vitreous China, this white ceramic farmhouse kitchen sink BMK-002 is an apron sink with a gracefully minimalist curve. The overall size of this sink is 30"x18"x10". The Boma ceramic sink is an exquisite piece for a

  • White Ceramic Double Kitchen Sink This ceramic kitchen sink with two bowls. With delicate ceramic vertical stripe outside the front, this white ceramic double kitchen sink BMK-003
    is sure to impress the kitchen. And definitely it matches most modern kitchens for residencial and commerci

  • White Porcelain Farmhouse Kitchen Sink The overall size of this rectangular kitchen sink BMK-004 is 24"x16"x8". It's a medium size for kitchen. White porcelain farmhouse kitchen sink gets well with modern or classical kitchen styles. This Apron kitchen sink without faucet hole. Its high-gl

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