• 32 Inch Black Kitchen Granite Composite Sink Boma 32 inch kitchen sink BMG-3219D is produced with high-grade 80% granite and 20% acrylic that is responsible for the long life of the sinks. Black granite composite sinks can resist scratches and abrasions due to their extreme natural hardness.

  • Coffee Brown Double Granite Composite Sink This 32" L x 19" W brown double granite composite sink is a wonderful addition for a busy kitchen. The coffee brown double sink BMG-3219D is built to last and easy to install. Boma granite composite sink will brings a new meaning to your modern kitchen.

  • Bisque Double Granite Composite Sink A durable, beautiful and functional bisque granite composite sink will complememt any style of countertops or cabinets. This bisque double sink BMG-3219D, made from 80% granite combined with 20% acrylic resin at a affordable price. 12 colors for you choos

  • White Double Granite Composite Sink The white double composite sink BMG-3219D is produced from 80% fine granite stone and 20% high-grade acrylic. White composite sink touchs and looks like natural stone. White granite sink has a non porous surface that features extremely hygienic and easy t

  • Double Bowl Grey Granite Sink Best kitchen double bowl granite sink fits into any style of kitchen for long-life elegance and durability. Boma undermount grey sink BMG-3219D is produced from high-density granite composite material offering highly scratch resistant and extremely hygien

  • Black Kitchen Apron Granite Composite Sink Our kitchen apron sink features a robust construction and the fabulous look of real stone. Black apron granite composite sink BMG-A3321S has a smooth surface with visible depth to their structure. Each kitchen sink is manufactured with excellent workmansh

  • White Kitchen Apron Granite Composite Sink Bring a touch of aesthetics and function to your kitchen with this stylish white apron granite composite sink BMG-A3321S, perfect for daliy cleaning and washing use. Each white kitchen apron sink is designed for care to enduring performance over time.

  • Single Black Undermount Kitchen Composite Sink With an overall measurement of 33" L x 19" W, our single bowl black undermount kitchen sink BMG-3319S brings a stunning style statement into any modern kitchen. Boma rectangular single composite sink is extreme durability and ease of maintain at the sam

  • Coffee Brown Single Granite Composite Sink Choose from Boma coffee brown granite composite sink, BMG-3319S adding both beauty and function to your kitchen. A balance of 80% granite and 20% acrylic, makes our single kitchen undermount sink highly resistant to stains, scratchs, dents and chipping.

  • Granite Kitchen Undermount Sink This granite undermount sink BMG-3319S will create beauty and splendour in your kitchen. Constructed of 80% natural granite, our high-quality granite kitchen sinks have a solid and stable construction that provides anti-bacterial properties and excellent

  • Single Bowl White Granite Composite Sink Each single bowl composite sink is artfully crafted of natural granite stone and acrylic to create a non-porous, stain-resistant surface unparalleled in elegance and durability. The single white granite sink BMG-3319S is very hygienic and suitable for dai

  • Single Kitchen Grey Undermount Granite Sink Beautiful grey granite sink designed and inspired by nature. Constructed of 80% natural granite, this single kitchen undermount sink BMG-3319S has a non porous surface and extreme solid construction that prevents fading, stains and scratchs.

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