• Square Nano Stainless Steel Sink To keep up with the new trend of technological development, we design and bring constantly the new product to North America market. The square stainless steel sink BMR-1515SB combine the advantage of stainless steel and nano titanium jet black plating, wh

  • Gold Nano Stainless Steel Sink The small stainless steel sink BMR-1515SG adopt the advanced Nano titanium technology, which reinforces the durability and anti-bacterial function to keep the kitchen more clean and safe. Besides, the nano titanium plating of gold look give this stainless

  • Double Nano Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink With classical jet black look, double basin design and nano technology, the stainless steel kitchen sink BMR-3218DB provides you with more choice and possibility in the kitchen in comparison to the traditional design and style. This nano kitchen sink deco

  • Single Bowl Nano Titanium Plating Sink The nano titanium plating sink BMR-3218SR, different from the ordinary single bowl sink, has a distinct appearance of rose gold color to attract quickly the eyes of clients, which gains more favor of young families who seek for the fashion and unique sens

  • Nano Farmhouse Stainless Kitchen Sink Featuring the traditional apron front, the nano farmhouse kitchen sink BMR-A3020SG realizes the perfect the combination of advanced technology and classical stainless design. This single bowl sink can satisfy all of your demands and desires no matter for

  • Nano Apron Front Stainless Steel Sink The nano apron front sink BMR-A3321SS maintains the silver look of stainless steel, so it seems like that there is nothing special in it at the first sight. While, it uses the nano titanium plating to strength the anti-bacterial properties. With t

  • Single Basin Stainless Sink With a traditional single deep basin, the stainless steel sink BMZ-3219S is great for preparing food and easily soaking pots and pans. With its clean lines and zero radius corners, this rectangular sink gives your kitchen an upscale vintage look and the p

  • Double Basin Undermount Stainless Kitchen Sinks Trying to prepare the food and wash your dishes at the same time can be easily handled with a double basin kitchen sink. Why not choose to do a 50/50 undermount stainless steel sink BMZ-3219D going with two basins of equal size for your kitchen remodeling

  • Deep Undermount Stainless Steel Sink Thanks to the superior stainless steel and silver satin surface, the deep undermount sink BMZ-3219L is very easy to use in the kitchen. For its clean and maintain methods, generally a little anti bacterial washing up liquid and a soft sponge scourer are a

  • 16 Gauge Undermount Stainless Steel Sink Start a small revolution in your kitchen to choose our 16 gauge stainless steel sink BMZ-3018S for your best selection. This undermount single bowl sink design featuring the rectangular basic shape in classic, yet timeless, stainless steel will integrate

  • Single Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink The undermount kitchen single sink BMR-RL3219 offers a fresh take on the classic stainless steel sink, combining beautiful, functional and contemporary design. Besides, this hardworking stainless steel sink features an extra deep bowl for soaking, scrubbi

  • Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Handmade by the superior stainless steel that is the material most frequently used for sinks, the undermount kitchen sink BMR-RR3219 features a clean contemporary design and wear-resistant satin finish with a beautiful silver sheen that complements the mo

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